Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Matthew Dibble - Quarrel (2011)

Quarrel (2011)
Oil and newsprint o
n canvas - 72"x90"

I'm departing from precedent and beginning a series on modern abstract artists I've had the pleasure of finding in my travels on the internet, beginning with Matthew Dibble, a general contractor from Cleveland, Ohio.  Dibble also happens to be a trained artist, having studied at the Cooper School of Art in the mid-1970's, and has been actively painting for over twenty years.

I first saw Dibble's work on the Abstract Expressionist group on Facebook and I was immediately blow away by his free use of color, the structure amid the seeming chaos and the near infinite layers of meaning in his design.  Each piece that he painted and displayed from his current collection entitled Middle is Everywhere seemed to continue where the previous piece left off, as a new chapter in a deeply complex novel.  Quarrel is just one example from this outstanding series.

While it may be seem to be a significant contrast between Dibble, the roofing contractor, with Dibble the abstract artist, Matthew's own words may explain how interrelated these two sides of him are:
My wish is to live in the real world. I have a natural curiosity about my place on earth and a thirst for sincerity in all forms. These paintings are a glimpse into what happens when this very active inner life and the outer world come in contact.  
In this series, I’m trying to approach the work as a tradesman approaches his job, in a very ordinary way, with a watchful attention and a certain confidence that comes from experience while at the same time searching for something new.
If you want to learn more about Matthew Dibble, please check out his website and take note of artist statement page.  Meanwhile, please stay tuned as I will posting other works of his in the coming weeks.


  1. Love Matthew's work. It is full of energy....constantly in flux.

    1. I agree, Zappha! Every time he posts a photo of another painting, I'm more impressed with his artistic vision.